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Delivering wellness, good vibes, and relief with our premium CBD. On a mission to normalize cannabis and contribute to equitable change – something we can all feel jubie about.


Be well

Restore balance and improve your quality of life, naturally, with high-quality CBD

Quiet The Noise

Reduce anxiety, feel calm and focused

Soothe Your Body

Reduce inflammation, body aches and pains


Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Why Be Jubie? Learn More

It Works!
All CBD isn’t created equal. We took our time to create a premium and effective product for you.

Thoroughly Tested
We care about you and your safety. Certificates of Analysis (CoA) from a 3rd party lab can be viewed from our product pages. CoAs ensure the potency and safety of our products.

Black Family Owned
Only 4% of the industry is currently made up of black owners. We hope to inspire and support the creation of more black founders in this space. The cannabis industry must be made equitable.

Organically Grown Hemp
Only the good stuff, no pesticides or harmful chemicals

Contribute to Change
We are proud to donate to different advocacy groups each month that focus on anti-racist and equity-oriented actions.

Refreshing Taste
Let’s be honest, holding oil under your tongue can be a little strange at first. We made sure the taste of our CBD oil provides a pleasant experience – light and refreshing.

Be Informed

Normalize cannabis and end the stigma rooted in racism, lies, and fear

We are on a mission to normalize all varieties of cannabis (hemp and weed) and we think the best way to do that is through education. The stigma tied to cannabis is rooted in racism, lies, and fear. It is important to understand the truth about the history of cannabis in America in order to eradicate the stigma.

Cannabis is a plant with many therapeutic benefits and the people who consume it are high functioning professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, parents, intellectuals – everyday people like you and me.

It’s time to stop demonizing a safe plant that has helped improve the quality of life for so many.

Be empowered

Why I Started Be Jubie Meet Our Founder

Peace, I’m Jen! Thank you for being here. I’m excited for you to begin or continue your CBD journey with us. I founded Be Jubie to improve the wellness of our community, normalize cannabis, contribute to change, and as a personal challenge to overcome fear-based anxiety. I allowed fear to hold me back a large part of my life, minimizing my voice and potential. Be Jubie is more than a brand for me, it’s an opportunity to help others empower themselves and join me on this journey of personal growth and discovery. Time waits for no one. Begin manifesting a life that brings you joy and fulfillment now. Don’t be afraid to fail and let that fear go! Check out the video to learn more about why I started Be Jubie.

Watch to learn more about why our founder Jen Jackson started Be Jubie

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