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Everyone deserves to Be Jubie

Be Jubie – adjective: /bə jü-bəə/ the pursuit of living a fulfilled life

Our mission is to improve the wellness of our community, normalize cannabis through education, and to support advocacy for cannabis criminal justice reform to free prisoners locked up for cannabis-related offenses!

We are a black-owned family business inspired by reducing my mother’s (Mama Sue) prescription pill intake with an all-natural alternative. When we discovered the benefits of CBD we became passionate about bringing awareness to our family, friends, and now you!

Be Jubie | Our Story |


During our competitive analysis, we noticed a glaring lack of diversity in brand ownership and marketing.


We are an inclusive brand that cares about improving the wellness of our community. Black people suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain just like everyone else.


It’s important to know that there is a plant-based option that can help improve our quality of life. Be Jubie is here to raise awareness.

Equity & Criminal Justice

The war on drugs has effectively been the war on black and brown people, deeply impacting the black family structure and our communities.


Black and brown people continue to be disproportionately locked up for non-violent cannabis-related crimes even though white people consume and sell at the same rate.


The emerging legal industry has only 4% black ownership which is infuriating for many reasons, but also a major driver for why we are here. We need more black ownership in order for the industry to be equitable. As we grow and find our footing we’d like to be involved in advocating for equity, and cannabis criminal justice reform.


Currently, there are 40,000 people locked up for cannabis offenses and 20 are for life sentences.


No one should be locked up for a safe plant!


Check out the Last Prisoner Project to learn more about how you can get involved in cannabis criminal justice reform.

Be Jubie | Our Story |
Be Jubie | Our Story |

Normalize Cannabis

Be Jubie is a CBD brand that believes normalizing cannabis through education is critical to removing the stigma of the plant.


We noticed that many CBD brands prefer to separate themselves from weed (THC) as if it’s a bad thing. There is an overarching narrative that non-intoxicating CBD is somehow “better” than its psychoactive cousin THC.


We celebrate all varieties (hemp and weed) of the cannabis plant. There are proven therapeutic benefits for both and neither is better than the other.


How you consume and what you consume is a personal decision. We think it’s dope that one plant offers multiple experiences!

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