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What does Broad Spectrum mean?

If you’ve done any research on CBD then you’ve probably come across the following terms: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate. It can be confusing and we’d like to help clarify. The cannabis plant naturally produces many cannabinoids (e.g. CBD) and terpenes. Studies have shown that the therapeutic benefits are more powerful when all cannabinoids and terpenes are taken together creating an Entourage Effect.

Full Spectrum: Maintains all the cannabinoids and terpenes creating an entourage effect
Broad Spectrum: Maintains all the cannabinoids (except THC) and terpenes creating an entourage effect
Isolate: Only CBD is extracted from the plant (remaining cannabinoids and terpenes are left behind); does not create an entourage effect

Be Jubie is a Broad Spectrum product

Is THC bad?

It’s become the perspective of many that THC is the “bad” cannabinoid and CBD is the “good” cannabinoid. That is incorrect, THC has proven medicinal benefits. We decided to start with a THC-Free product offering not because we think it’s bad for you but because we want our product to reach a wider audience.

Refund Policy

To return a product contact us at Returns will be accepted within the first 14 days of delivery and the product(s) must be unopened and unused in order to receive a refund.

Can I fail a drug test?

Although Be Jubie is THC-Free we cannot guarantee that you will pass a drug test. Drug tests differ and depending on what’s being tested you may fail. If you are drug tested regularly by your employer then using CBD is a risk and may not be the best option for your employment status.

What differentiates Be Jubie in the market?

We are a black-owned family business that genuinely cares about improving our customers’ overall wellness. We are passionate about bringing inclusion to the market and excited to be part of changing the narrative and stigma tied to cannabis. In an industry that has no regulation – safety is our #1 priority. All of our final products are sent to a 3rd party laboratory to test the cannabinoid potency and ensure our oil is free of heavy metals and solvents. Our product is effective and tastes good. We feel strongly about cannabis criminal justice reform and educating our community on the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids.

What does Be Jubie mean?

“Jubie” is a play off the word jubilant and became a common term in our household. I’d ask my kids “How was your day?” or “How are you feeling?” and they’d respond “Jubie“. It’s evolved into an adjective used to mean: balance, clarity, good vibes and happiness. What does Be Jubie mean to you?

How should I expect to feel?

CBD oil tinctures take 30-90 mins to feel the effects. By “feel the effects” we mean improved mood, better sleep, less inflammation, less pain, and more clarity. Personally, the first time I took CBD I thought to myself “I don’t feel anything” but then after a few days, my sleep and mood improved. CBD will take time to feed your ECS and reach homeostasis; be consistent, listen to your body and within weeks your overall wellness should improve.

Please note: Be Jubie is THC-Free so you will not feel “high”

How much CBD should I take?

Dosing is unique for each person. If you are new to CBD then we suggest “starting low and going slow”. Start with a 300mg or 500mg tincture to save money and take one dropper full/day. Keep a daily journal of the effects you feel and modify (increase or decrease) your mg intake as necessary. Most people’s sweet spot is 20mg-30mg per day, but everyone is different and may need less than 20mg or more than 30mg to feel balanced.

300mg Tincture: 1 dropper full = 10mg of CBD
500mg Tincture: 1 dropper full = 16.7mg of CBD
1000mg Tincture: 1 dropper full = 33.3mg of CBD

Please note: If you are taking prescription medications please consult with your physician and allow a 2-hour lapse between ingesting prescriptions and CBD.

How does CBD work with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

When our ECS is not functioning at an optimal level then we can experience problems with mood, inflammation, pain, sleep, etc. Adding Be Jubie to your daily regimen will feed your ECS with cannabinoids and promote homeostasis.

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

Consider a conductor of an orchestra, the conductor serves as a messenger to composers and keeps the pace of the music. The ECS serves a similar role within our body as it functions to keep other major systems i.e. central nervous system, digestive system, and immune system balanced through internal cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) regulate important functions such as digestion, inflammation, mood, sleep, pain, and immune function. The primary function of our ECS is to promote homeostasis – the tendency of organisms to auto-regulate and maintain a stable, balanced environment.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

The cannabis plant has many naturally occurring compounds called phytocannabinoids (or cannabinoids for short). CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are examples of two cannabinoids that exist in the cannabis plant. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. CBD is a natural, safe, and non-addictive substance with a robust therapeutic profile.

What is Hemp?

To understand what Cannabidiol (CBD) is we will first explain where CBD comes from. Be Jubie’s CBD is sourced from the flower of Industrial Hemp grown here in Colorado, USA. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant with unique phytochemical compositions and uses. Hemp naturally has lower concentrations (<0.3%) of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which eliminates its psychoactive effects. In addition to the flower’s therapeutic benefits, the Hemp stalk can be refined into a variety of commercial items including paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, biofuel – the list goes on. Hemp has been used throughout our civilization for thousands of years.

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