Our Founder

Peace! I’m Jen Jackson, the proud founder of Be Jubie. I’m a wife, mother of two young energetic boys, and new to this entrepreneur life. I have always been inspired by the hustle and grind embodied by entrepreneurs, but I never envisioned that for myself. I’m normally risk-averse; give me a stable check, 401K, and benefits any day lol! My background is in IT, I had a successful career managing a software development team and multiple software products.

In 2018, I experienced a mindset shift. When I discovered the benefits of CBD I became passionate about bringing awareness to anyone who would listen. I knew the passion I felt had to be explored and I decided I will not live the second half of my life in fear and afraid to fail! In June 2019 (at 38 years old) I made the difficult decision to leave my stable career, take the leap, and focus on Be Jubie full-time.

I want to be an example for my boys, to encourage them to dream big and follow their passion. Anyone that feels like it’s too late to start a new career – it’s never too late! START NOW. I haven’t felt this empowered in a long time which is why I want to encourage you to live life to the fullest. Life is short, it’s time to take control, be a little selfish, and manifest the life that’s best for YOU.

Growing up with cannabis

I grew up in the D.A.R.E. era where police officers would come to my school and talk to us about drugs and drug abuse. That shaped my view on drugs – drugs scared me. I grew up thinking all drugs will kill me immediately except for cannabis. I never really considered cannabis a drug and I have my parents to thank for that. My father smoked almost every day. When I would go to his house the scent of incense and cannabis were always present, but I never saw him consume it. To this day I have never seen my daddy smoke. He told me when I was younger “Jen if weed was legal – it would be sitting right here on the table before this beer!” lol. My mother was more of a social smoker, she smoked outside of the house with her friends here and there.

Since my parents were transparent about cannabis and they taught me it was a safe plant, I didn’t grow up with the stigma of cannabis. The first time I smoked I was about 15 years old. My mother wanted me to stay home and observe the Million Man March on TV. I went up the street and smoked with a neighbor (she was 16/17). I don’t remember feeling high, I probably didn’t inhale properly. Three years later, I left home for college and that’s when I started to smoke on a more regular basis. I consider myself a social smoker, I enjoy smoking with family/friends, to chill, elevate my thinking, or be creative.

When I discovered CBD

In 2018, my mother (Mama Sue) was visiting for the holidays and she used a CBD salve for lower back pain relief. At the time I had no idea what CBD was. Was it legal? Where can you buy it? Did it get you high? It piqued my interest and from that day on I researched the hell out of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD). All these years I had been enjoying cannabis but I never really knew/understood the therapeutic benefits. The more I learned the more passionate I became about the plant.

I have always had a connection to cannabis through my parents and my own personal relationship with the plant for almost 20 years. When I want to enjoy feeling high I smoke weed. I use CBD every day to help me focus and as needed for anxiety. I am on a mission to normalize cannabis (all varieties – hemp and weed) and to keep my community informed. Between the racist history of the plant in this country, the proven therapeutic benefits, war on drugs, equity in the cannabis industry – there’s so much to tackle and I feel passionate about all of it. I knew I had to take the chance and walk in my purpose.

Be Jubie – Say WHAAT?

Ethan, Jamaal, Cameron


My husband Jamaal and two sons (Ethan and Cameron) helped me come up with the brand name. Jubie comes from the word jubilant and it evolved into a made-up adjective. Jubie has many meanings: good vibes, happy, focused, informed, empowered, clarity, and wellness. We started saying “Jubie” around the house. I would ask Ethan “How was school?” and he’d reply Jubie. We all really enjoyed saying it and now Be Jubie is here!

Welcome to the Be Jubie family and thank you for joining the journey with me



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